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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Our programs are tailor made, following Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework ( VEYLDF 2009), to provide a rich and robust environment for learning. Our children are given opportunities to practice and consolidate their skills in key learning areas, whilst feeling safe and supported. We have implemented flexible programs that are responsive to the evolving nature of early childhood and we adapt to the individual child, working with them, to foster a love of learning through play. 

​3-Year Old Preschool - Echidna Group

A perfect start to introduce your child into the world of preschool and all its benefits. The progressive roll out of State Government subsidised three-year-old kindergarten commenced in South Gippsland in 2020. This provides children with access to up to 15 hours a week of subsidised kindergarten. Children are be eligible for three-year-old kindergarten if they turn 3 years of age by 30 April in the year they are to attend.


Children are eligible for one year only of subsidised three-year-old kindergarten.

4- Year Old Preschool - Platypus Group

A vital stepping stone on preparing our 4 year olds prior to prep. 

​Children are eligible for four-year-old kindergarten if they turn 4 years of age by 30 April in the year they are to attend. Children are eligible for one year only of subsidised four-year-old kindergarten. Children may be eligible for a second year of four year old kindergarten if they have delays in two areas of development


Term Dates & Session Times

Term 1 5th Feb - 28th March

Term 2 15th April - 28th June

Term 3 15th July - 20th September 

Term 4 7th October - 19th December

Note: We close during school & public holidays. 

Hours are 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday

Mondays (alternate between 3Yr & 4Yr old groups)

Tuesdays: Platypus 4Yrs Group 

Wednesday: Echidna 3 Yrs Group

Thursday: Platypus 4 Yrs Group

Friday: Echidna 3 Yrs Group


Entry via McLean Lane, off Geale St

We use a two gate and coded system. You will be provided a code at the start of each year - for safety reasons please do not distribute or share this code with anyone.

What is PreSchool Readiness?

Preschool readiness (which can also be called kindergarten readiness) refers to a child’s readiness to make a smooth and successful transition and integration into the preschool environment and its routines and expectation, whether this is a preschool, kindergarten, kinder, or ELC (Early Learning Centre) environment. These skill expectations include social, language, play, physical and self-care abilities which, when well established, make learning easy from both the teachers and the children. With a little bit of active planning, parents can really help to nurture preschool readiness.

There are many factors to consider when thinking about sending your child to Kindergarten, including emotional maturity and social confidence. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Can they separate easily from me?

  • Can they be understood by other people?

  • Can they express their needs clearly?

  • Do they have the stamina to attend and enjoy a full Kindergarten session?

Please speak to an Early Childhood Educator at a Kindergarten, Long Day Care, Maternal and Child Health and Pre-School Field Officer if you are unsure of your child’s readiness.

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