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Meet The Committee

Meeniyan Preschool wouldn't be the amazing facility it is today without the Committee. Our Committee is made up of parents of enrolled children, contributing their time in the following positions:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary / Public Officer

  • Treasurer

  • Communications

  • Mail Collection

  • Fundraising

  • General Committee Member



The key functions of the Committee are:

  • Monitor  the  overall  management  of Meeniyan  Preschool through  ongoing  evaluation  and  strategic planning

  • Ensure Meeniyan  Preschool operates  effectively  with  regular  documented  communication,  and  in  line with its policies

  • Plan, monitor and manage the finances of Meeniyan Preschool

  • Ensure Meeniyan Preschool complies with all relevant rules, regulations, service and funding agreements

  • Maintain accurate records in line with legal and financial legislative record keeping requirements

  • Employ staff in line with current industrial obligations

  • Develop and review policy in collaboration with families and staff, relevant stakeholder, peak bodies and regulatory authorities

  • Encourage the involvement of all families at Meeniyan Preschool both in person and via communication in Educa

  • Negotiate with outside bodies regarding funding and grants.

Who are we:

The Committee of Management is the legal entity responsible for the program delivered at Meeniyan Preschool. Community-based management  differs  from  management  in  other early  learning services  that  are  privately  owned  or  are managed  by  corporate early  childhood  education. The community-based management model has  lots  of advantages for families and our community including:

  • The families using the service can have input into the decision-making processes of the organisation

  • Members with a range of skills of use to the centre may be elected to the Committee of Management

  • There  is  scope  to  encourage  staff  and  family  involvement  and  input  into  the  centre’s organisation and activities

  • The Committee of Management is accountable to the membership of the organisation. The Model Rules for an Incorporated Association set out the means by which the membership can require accountability

  • Because  the  management  is  drawn  from  the  community,  local  issues  are  understood  and  can  be responded to make use of local resources

  • As a  non-profit  organisation,  any  surplus  is  used  to  enhance  the  centre,  and  not  directed  to  any  one person or shareholders.

By joining the Committee of Management, you are making an important contribution to the wellbeing of children and families in our area, helping to strengthen our local community. It is an opportunity for you to connect with other committee members, to share and/or learn new information and skills and to have some fun along the way!

Annual General Meeting:
- Held in November to reviews achievements, activities and action plans from the year
- Elect new members into positions listed above. Nomination forms can be obtained at the meeting.

General Meeting:
- We hold General meetings approximately two times per term, with dates shared out at the start of the year



We can never have too much help. So if you're a parent / guardian of an enrolled child at the kinder we would love to have you join the team. 

Please contact us on

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